Building MarkUp (BML) & 2D/3D Browser CAD Core

We see a strong need for 2D & 3D architectural CAD directly run in the Browser, today and in the future. Not to compete with existing CAD-Tools but as a build-in solution for planning based eCommerce in the browser/app. The planery BMLCAD Core was designed as just that, an easy solution to bring sampling & planning directly to your customer. Architectural applications that need to solve complex geometries to find correct quantities (i.g. length, surfaces or volume) with direct interaction of your customer, will find the perfect solution here.

The planery BMLCAD Core is a no-geometry semantic engine to solve typical architectural problems. It auto-generates needed geometries in 2D and 3D, allows for user interaction and return the resulting quantities, all inside the browser or serversided running nodejs. A low bandwith footprint and compatibility across most browsers and devices allow for easy distribution. Plugins to Desktop CAD-Systems like SketchUp(tm) allow for direct interaction with the generated geometries and support further CAD workflows.

Building MarkUp(BML) is like HTML for Buildings and just as easy, without any pre-existing 2D or 3D CAD data. Whenever there is a need of performing dynamic changes on 2D or 3D planning data and static data simply does not cut it anymore.

By the way, BML is BIM by nature.

Example 1 :

"Hello World" for architectural geometry

Example 2 :

First opening

Example 3 :

First window

Example 4 :

Window and door

Example 5 :

Staircase U-shape

Example 6 :

Staircase L-shape

Example 7 :

Staircase straight

Example 8 :

Complex gable-roof with undercut inner walls

Example 9 :

Basic hip-roof with undercut inner walls

Example 10 :

Complex hip-and-valley roof